When a policy or program is being piloted or developed as a demonstration, its evaluation can inform whether it gets further testing, is adopted for future use, or is discontinued altogether.

Written by Steve Bell of Urban Institute, this classic guide “explores ways to refine and improve” ETA pilot and demonstration evaluations and provides evaluators advice “for designing and executing policy evaluations to produce more successful and valuable” future studies (p. 1).The guide notes that pilot or demonstration evaluation “examines the accomplishments and worth of new policy ideas while still in ‘test mode’ and reports its conclusions” to those responsible for adopting or discontinuing a policy or program (p. vi). It is organized in two parts.

Part 1 gives an overview of evaluation in demonstration projects, summarizes four types of evaluation, and offers advice on evaluation management. Part 2 dives deeper into the four evaluation types and identifies best practice approaches to evaluation of employment and training pilots and demonstrations. The guide is both a reference and a comprehensive guidebook with detailed steps.