This 2019 resource from the American Evaluation Association (AEA) describes AEA’s vision of the role of evaluation in government. It outlines steps government agencies can take to build capacity for evaluation, strengthen evaluation practice, and encourage decision-makers to employ evaluation findings to inform policy.

The main purpose of An Evaluation Roadmap for a More Effective Government is to share “the lessons learned in agencies that have applied evaluation” (p. 1). It explains the challenge that government faces in need for evidence and details the opportunity that use of evaluation offers for effective governance, including a listing of examples of potential evaluation use. The resource recommends action and describes the operational principles underlying recommendations in the following areas:

  • Scope and coverage
  • Management
  • Quality and independence
  • Transparency

The resource continues with a section on strengthening evaluation capacity in government and concludes with a section on “Looking to the Future.” Although the resource is aimed at federal government, its insights are informative for state and local government agencies as well.