Evaluators may be charged with the task of providing evaluation services “viewed through a lens of diversity, inclusion, and equity” (p. 1) yet not have a full understanding of cultural diversity and cultural competency required to meet the charge. Public Policy Associates developed an easy-to-use self-assessment checklist for evaluators to assess their evaluation services.

The self-assessment checklist in Is My Evaluation Practice Culturally Responsive? focuses on four components (p. 1):

  1. Cultural competency of the evaluators and the evaluation process
  2. Diversity as related to various grantee attributes
  3. Inclusion of members of the priority community in the evaluation process
  4. Equitable outcomes for the participants

The instrument offers evaluators a tool to assess “the degree to which their current practice incorporates the principles and methods for conducting evaluation” through a lens of cultural competence and racial equity (p. 3). Sections of the checklist assess the cultural competency of the evaluator, cultural competence of evaluation practices, and applying the lens to process evaluation and outcome evaluation.