Description: Developed by Maryland’s Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) partners, this document sets forth a vision, strategic goals, and measurable achievements that help define success and lay the core foundation of the new WIOA system.

Maryland’s vision to “increase the earning capacity of Marylanders by maximizing access to employment, skills and credentialing, life management skills, and supportive services” is a direction that all states and regions can consider to adopt.

Setting specific and measurable strategic goals is a key first step down the path toward evaluating performance at a state or regional level. Maryland can now base their research and evaluation efforts around specific metrics, such as:

  • Annual percentage of Maryland workforce system customers who obtain employment and earn at least 200% of the federal poverty level from X% to Y%,
  • Annual percentage of Maryland’s workforce system customers who obtain an industry-recognized credential from X% to Y%, and
  • Annual percentage of Maryland’s workforce system customers who receive needed child care services from X% to Y%.

How it was helpful to an Evaluation and Research Hub (Eval Hub) PLC member: “We all look at the various performance measures of our Department of Labor, Department of Education, Health and Human Services, and the TANF [Temporary Assistance for Needy Families] program and SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program]. But do they really tell the story about moving the needle for our customers? So we developed a Maryland vision to increase the earning capacity for Marylanders by maximizing access to employment, skills, credentialing, life-management skills, and support services, and set five strategic goals to measure those impacts.”

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