Description: National Skills Coalition created this document to outline the differences between WIA and WIOA as they relate to occupational training, adult education, and family literacy.

The document begins with an overview that summarizes the WIA and WIOA legislative requirements and a review of the key changes included within WIOA. The remainder of the resource consists of a table that goes through the each statute in a side-by-side comparison that allows the reader to compare the two in the following categories: 1) occupational training and 2) adult education and family literacy provisions.

How it was helpful to an Evaluation and Research Hub (Eval Hub) PLC member: “Often times, you have questions coming at you quickly – very fast-paced days. At least that's how it is for me. Sometimes just having something that's just very easy for me to have a go-to, I just always found this resource pretty straightforward. I like the side-to-side comparison, and it's just been an instrument that I have referred back to a few times.”

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