The Evaluation Design and Implementation Assessment (EDIA) tool is a resource intended for state workforce agencies that are ready to conduct rigorous evaluations.

Its main purpose is to highlight the major design and implementation issues that agencies should consider when planning an evaluation project. It is also meant to help identify challenges, potential opportunities, and areas where technical assistance or additional resources may be needed.

The EDIA tool’s five sections are organized into the following topic areas:

  1. Evaluation Design and Research Questions
  2. Data Collection and Analysis Plan
  3. Evaluator Selection
  4. Participant Rights
  5. Reporting
Each section begins with a general guiding question related to the evaluation topic, which is followed by a series of more detailed statements. Individuals completing the assessment are encouraged to assign a rating for each statement—on a scale of 1 to 5—to indicate the extent to which they meet the evaluation requirement or guidance contained in the statement. As applicable, each statement includes a reference to the relevant section of the Evaluation Toolkit where more detailed information and guidance can be found.