The Evaluation Peer Learning Cohort (EvalPLC) is an interactive technical assistance forum, comprised of cross-agency representatives from up to six states. State teams who represent core WIOA programs will collaborate and develop capstone projects (e.g., research design for a specific project, statement of work for a request for proposal for an evaluation, state evaluation action plan) to support their development and implementation of state and/or local research and evaluations.  

Participants will:

  • Learn from experienced evaluators, state and national subject matter experts (SMEs), and each other as they work together to develop their capstone projects.
  • Use the Evaluation Toolkit: Key Elements for State Workforce Agencies and two evaluation assessment tools to build evaluation capacity, the:
  • The EvalPLC will also exchange ideas to support the creation of other evaluation tools and resources to enhance evaluation capacity for workforce system.

What will the EvalPLC activities include?

  • Virtual meetings that provide State Teams space to focus on using research and evidence to develop evaluations;
  • Support to identify your state’s readiness for conducting an evaluation;
  • Information to identify evaluation questions and develop a capstone project;
  • Expert coaching assistance throughout the EvalPLC process to improve evaluation capacity; and
  • Involvement with a small, committed group of peers sharing experiences, considering challenges and opportunities, learning from each other, and shaping your resources and future investments to conduct evaluations in your states.

What is the EvalPLC schedule?

Over the course of six months, the EvalPLC will use virtual 90-minute work sessions to build knowledge, facilitate peer learning, and develop specific action steps as part of a plan to conduct core WIOA program evaluations.

What are participating states expected to do?

States will form a small team of at least six individuals from WIOA Titles I & III programs—adult, dislocated worker, youth, Wagner-Peyser Employment Services—and other WIOA partner programs of the state’s choice. State teams may involve additional state and local colleagues to contribute to relevant session action items and in-state working sessions. At least one person on the team should be working on the state level to serve as the lead of the team.

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